Mulch Sales


We are currently producing the following:

Palm Mulch

A great budget mulch that is perfect for large areas.  Helps keep weeds down and hold moisture in garden beds.  Not as attractive as “forest mulch” but very economical.

Forest Mulch

A great everyday mulch that is sold at most garden centres, made up of a mixture of different trees with foliage.  Very popular and always in demand.  Highly recommended.

Pure Woodchip

Beautiful pure woodchip from various local trees (sometimes mixed).  Little to no foliage.  Looks fantastic and last for months.  Always in high demand.

Pure Northern Cypress Pine

Possibly some of the best quality mulch produced locally.  No foliage, termite resistant and smells great!

Delivery & Cost Details:

Please contact us for current prices and minimum order quantities.  All mulch sales are subject to availability and all delivery times will need to be pre-arranged with our tree removal crews.  Please note we do not stock pile mulch.  Contact us for further details.